Theory Lessons

At Ballymena School of Music

Theory Lessons are ideal for either those who wanting to take a graded examination or for those wanting to brush up theory knowledge.

At BSM we offer innovative music theory lessons that complement your practical lessons. We know how important it is for students to have a good understanding of music theory, as it will improve music skills and the progress made on the instrument. Music theory will help students who want to study music at GCSE or A level and for those wanting to study at higher education.

Theory will cover the basics from reading music, learning about time and key signatures through to more complex topics such as harmony and melody composition.

Popular Music Theory

We now offer popular music theory lessons using the Rockschool syllabus which can help support your practical lessons. This is available for Grades 1 – 8 and covers music notation, popular music harmony, band knowledge and band analysis.

Taking a Theory Exam

Students can then apply for a graded exam when they are ready with ABRSM, LCM, Rockschool and Trinity. Students can still gain UCAS points also which are received for grades 6 – 8 exams.