Bass Lessons Ballymena

Learn to play bass today

Ever dream of playing the bass guitar, in a band, up on stage or just for you at home to relax?

Whatever your dream, BSM can help make that a reality. We love to teach bass at BSM and we teach beginners through to advanced bass guitarists, everyone is welcome.

Beginner Bass Lessons

Beginner bass lessons will include skills such as learning basic chords and rhythms so you can start to play the songs that you love straight away. Beginner students will be taught a variety of foundational skills that they will keep for a lifetime. Students can either play for fun or progress by taking an accredited exam with RSL awards or Trinity Rock and pop.

Intermediate / Advanced Bass Lessons

So you’ve learned the basics but where do you go from here. Students at this level usually progress to performing on stage, joining one of our rock bands, or working towards an exam. Many students however are just eager to keep improving. Students can progress through learning and understanding various material and techniques from, slap popping, improving the fretting hand, soloing and improvising. Our tutors are experts and if exams are your thing, we will help you get the right syllabus that suits you. Many students aim to take an exam and we structure lessons to support this, teaching across all of the main exam boards and the various syllabuses on offer.

Our Method

Our lessons are customised to suit each student’s ability, age, learning style, and pace of learning. We cover reading notation, strumming/finger patterns, learning chords, soloing and improvising etc. Lessons are 1-2-1 and taken regularly once a week.

Bass Teachers

Our tutors have a wealth of experience teaching and consist of graduates, performing musicians, lectures and we even have an in-house RSL music examiner to help you achieve your best mark possible.

If you child is between the ages of 4 and 7 and wants to play the guitar, check out our ukulele lessons which are a great way to get them started!