Online Music Lessons

I love doing my lessons from home and I'm so pleased that I'm not missing out during this time. I love seeing my teachers on my iPad. Brilliant.

Caitlin M

BSM is now offering music lessons online using a safe and regulated platform for our students

You can now experience Guitar lessons online, Piano lessons online, Drums lessons online, Bass lessons online, Strings lessons online, Singing lessons online, Flute lessons online, Saxophone lessons online, and Theory lessons online, all from the comfort of your own home. Virtual music lessons are a great platform to create and learn using technology that is fun and easy to use. Lessons are flexible and suitable for any age. All you will need is wifi and a digital device, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Students can still continue working towards exams with all mainboards now offering recorded and Live exams online. RSL awards Trinity, Lcm, and ABRSM.

Students taking online lessons can still be involved in all of our workshops and ensembles.

Local music lessons online

Music lessons we offer online

The online lessons have been fantastic and so handy and very easily accessed and being honest I would say I prefer them to going into studio.

Alison M