BSM Summer Sessions

BSM Summer Music Sessions

We are excited to launch our summer program which is now open for booking to both our current students and new students. Our summer sessions include a variety of workshops for the complete beginner and for those students who have been playing for a while and are more advanced. For the complete beginner, we have […]

Preparing for your Music Exam

Preparing for your music exam

It’s important to only enter for an exam when you feel confident and you can play all of your pieces to a good standard upon entry date. If you enter and you are not at this stage, you are adding a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself, seek advice from your tutor, sometimes it’s better […]

Be prepared to practice

Practice brings back some good and not so good memories to many of us. When it goes great it’s the best feeling and when it’s not, it can be so frustrating. The best way to practice is to be prepared before you even begin to play. Like I tell many of my students try not […]