Ballymena Guitar Lessons

At Ballymena School of Music we offer music lessons on how to play guitar and it is our most popular instrument! This is understandable as it is a great instrument to start your musical journey, whether playing for fun or working to achieve a graded exam. We can teach all levels, from guitar for beginners right the way through to advanced levels.

Playing for fun?

At BSM guitar lessons are normally taught through a variety ofmodern and classic songs, from AC/DC through to Coldplay and Ed Sheeran and beyond, that will develop playing skills and help motivate and encourage your learning. At BSM we know there’s nothing better than learning to play the music that you already love!

Playing to achieve a grade?

At BSM the guitar lessons are based around the Rockschool, Trinity or RGT syllabuses. Our tutors are experts and will help you get the right syllabus that suits you to effectively learn guitar. At BSM we don’t just use one examination board, we cover them all!

If looking to complete a graded exam, why is the Ballymena School Of Music the best place to learn?

Ballymena School Of Music is the ONLY school in N.Ireland that has an music examiner within its team of tutors that can help you achieve your best possible mark and who can take you through a mock exam experience of what actually happens in an exam. Its not a scary as you may think!

All examination boards are accredited and recognised by music departments, schools, colleges and universities all across the UK.

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”

B.B. King