Ballymena Clarinet Lessons

Clarinet lessons at BSM are suitable for all ages and typically include the foundational skills of learning to play, alongside playing various genres and developing the skills/techniques that you will require. Students are taught to improvise while improving aural skills, sight-reading, playing from memory and music theory.

Playing for fun?

BSM Clarinet lessons are normally taught through a variety of genres that will develop your playing skills and help motivate and encourage your learning. We know there’s nothing better than learning to play the music that you already love. We can teach Clarinet for beginners right the way through to advanced levels. Learn the Clarinet at BSM in a fun relaxed environment!

Playing to achieve a grade?

For those looking to take a graded exam, from the earliest step to diploma level, there are many different syllabuses to suit every student, we don’t just use one examination board we cover them all!